Partner discounts and promotions for residents 

Veterinary Clinic
1) Permanent 10% discount on all pet products (QR-code fast payment option)
2) Free delivery of pet products (orders from any amount) at IC Co-working
3) Personalized specials on vet services
4) Free lectures by Zoolux Clinic veterinarians for residents and their pets

мм247 Digital Agency
1) Discount – 200 UAH for each creative when buying the creation and maintenance of contextual and targeted advertising campaign
2) 7% discount for website creation and maintenance
3) Free 40 minutes photo session when you buy the “turnkey photo session” service.
ммReal Estate Agency
1) Free of charge – any initial consultation on the purchase/sale of residential real estate in the primary and secondary markets.
2) Free of charge (for the buyer) – provision of the package of services to support the purchase of housing in the primary market
3) Free of charge-free of charge – property management services for an assessment of the market price of the apartment
4) Free of charge – notary services (if the contract with Well Group is signed).
ььььььммммьYacht Fun ооллд
1) Discount -500 UAH for a ride on the yacht Valhalla (5 guests);
2) Free 1 hour free of charge on the yacht Poker (for 7 guests) * Minimal time for all yachts is 3 hours
в vvмvvvvCleanautodeteiling рорр
1) Free ozonation of the Rho interior
2) Free wheel cleaning
лллилHuman Designт
Discount 500 UAH for a consultation on Human Design