About us

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. The main goal of our work is to create comfortable conditions for all our residents. We want them to feel at home in our workplace.

Our residents see our care, support, willingness to help and respond with trust and friendship. We are happy to see our residents come back to us again and again. We love it when they say "hello" to us warmly.

We love our residents and the love is mutual:)

Our team

Yuri Fedotov

Ideologist and founder of IC Co-working

“I am proud of the IC co-working team. I consciously approached the invitation of each of its members, first of all, paying attention to those people with whom I enjoyed communicating. I chose people not so much for their professional skills, but for their human qualities. Sociability, openness, friendliness, willingness, and readiness to help. Why these qualities? I am well aware that the competitive advantage in our business is the team. No matter how great the design, repairs, location, and technology may be if you come into a co-working room, the administrator talks to you through gritted teeth, you go and never come back. People today need positive emotions, openness, simplicity, and directness. And these are qualities that my team is ready to provide to our residents and guests” 

Svetlana Fedotova

Managing Partner, Business Development Director

Hobbies and hobbies: education, sports, travel


What inspires you about working at IC Co-working?


“The concept of co-working is inspiring! It’s not just square meters – it’s a community in which every resident has a huge advantage to implement their projects. A generation of sincere people who know the value of “win-win”. Our team takes care of all the details. Life is brighter when you see the stars ignite. A society that is constantly improving. The marketing of the future is all being created today, and I’ve been able to stand at the root of the business and foster talent.”




Hobbies and hobbies: soccer, volleyball, table tennis. 

“To do what makes me happy, to enjoy the process and the results – is the main desire in my life. Working at IC co-working, being part of a harmonious, friendly, and committed team, coming to help people – this is a real pleasure for me. It makes me happy” 



Hobbies and hobbies: Zumba

What inspires you to work at IC co-working?

“Learning new things. Co-working is know-how, and I like to stand at the origins of the project. I am inspired by the atmosphere and the opportunity to be part of a community of successful and creative projects, creating comfort and coziness”